Election Leaflet

As you know the official launch of my election campaign takes place tonight
at 8.30 pm in Park House Hotel and I’m delighted that Sarah Clancy has
agreed to do the honours.
If you are unable to make the official launch but would like to give a hand
canvassing I would be happy to hear from you- by email at
cconnolly@cllr.galwaycity.ie or by phone at 087 9600364.
We have already been canvassing door to door for a number weeks now and the
feedback is excellent- extra help would be very welcome though at this point
so do not hesitate to make contact.
Click the link below to view/download a copy of my election leaflet.


4 Commerce House, Flood Street, Galway.
Tel: 091-567870
Dublin Office Tel: 01-6184411