Funding for flood defence at Toft Park, Salthill and Spanish Arch

Funding Application submitted to OPW for flood defence works at Toft Park, Salthill and Spanish Arch

Press Statement: 28th April 2014 -Councillor Catherine Connolly

Welcomes Council Management confirmation that an application for funding for flood defence works at Toft Park and Spanish Arch has been submitted to the Office of Public Works (OPW)

Councillor Connolly said she has received written confirmation from Council Management that an application has gone to the OPW for funding to install essential flood defence works at Toft Park and also the Spanish Arch.

The proposal is for the temporary instalment of removable barriers at different points in Toft Park in Salthill and also for a temporary provision of flood defence works at Spanish Arch as and when required.

Councillor Connolly said she very much welcomes the news as the damage caused to businesses and homes in the lower Salthill area and also off Spanish Arch was quite extensive.

Further the fact that the defence works can be installed and removed as required is very positive as such a scheme will allow for continued maximum use of public space with continued ease of access   to all users while still protecting business and homes against flood damage.

Cllr Connolly said she will be closely monitoring the situation to ensure that the works are completed this year as promised by City Management.

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