#GE16 Election Update 26.2.16

Gentle Reminder to go out and Vote, Connolly, Catherine No 1.

First and foremost a very special Thank You to all of you who helped in one way or another with the campaign: whether by canvassing, delivering leaflets, participating in the complex nomination process, preparing meals, advising re social medial/collecting and putting up posters and/or simply being there for support.

We have been out canvassing day and night in every type of weather in Galway City, Conamara, the Aran Islands and South Mayo since the 16th January and without a doubt the people of Galway and South Mayo appreciated the opportunity to engage with us.

I am very proud of our honest hard work and think it will stand to us and that the seat is there for the taking.
For now just a gentle reminder to go out and vote-Number 1 for Catherine Connolly, Independent.


Arts Hustings Meeting in the Druid

 Copy of letter of support. 17th February 2016

 From Councillor Catherine Connolly, Independent Candidate in the General Election.

 Re: Invitation to take part in the Arts Hustings in the Druid Theatre.

Dear Kate

Many thanks for the invitation and I would love to be there. Unfortunately when I responded that I would attend, I had forgotten that I had already made a commitment to another event in South Mayo and was unable to rearrange same.

I would like to confirm however that I have no hesitation in accepting and supporting the five key points that you highlight.

At City Council level, along with other City Councillors, I have always and ever actively supported the Arts in Galway in a number of different ways including:

(1) Ensuring the allocation of funding for the Arts in our annual City Council Budget.

(2) Ensuring the provision of a number of key objectives in the City Development Plan which are set out at Policy 6.8 on page 70 of the plan which includes supporting the provision of a Dance Centre in Galway. Indeed it is worth noting that the new Draft/City Development Plan 2017-2023 is now on public display and any group can make submissions on same up to Friday the 11th March 2016..

(3) I pushed successfully for the establishment of an Arts Funding Subcommittee in order to have a more open and accountable model in relation to the allocation of funding for the Arts in Galway. I also set on that committee for a period.

(4) I fought for the reopening of the Taibhdhearc on its present site and pushed for the allocation of substantial funding from the City Council to enable same with the very reasonable condition attached, that the money would have to be paid back if the Taibhdhearc moved from its location in the heart of the City.

(5) In relation to the new Community Centre in Knocknacarra, I fought successfully over a long period for the inclusion of a performance space in this building.

(6) I am also acutely conscious of the fact that Galway is a Bilingual City and have always placed emphasis on this in relation to the Arts in Galway.

(7) In relation to struggling community arts groups,  I have always and ever used my role and my voice as a City Councillor to support these groups.

(8) Finally, as the Hustings are taking place in the Druid Theatre, I would make the point, as I did when we welcomed the presentation from Druid at the last City Council, that this wonderful venue should be made available whenever possible to community and other arts groups.

Kate, the above is just a bare outline of my support for the Arts but I hope it goes some way to assuring you of my support if elected as the first Independent Female TD from Galway West.

Once again my apologies for my non attendance and the best of luck with the hustings.

Yours sincerely
Councillor Catherine Connolly.


4 Commerce House, Flood Street, Galway.
Tel: 091-567870
Dublin Office Tel: 01-6184411