South Park-Positive Progress

Press Release/Catherine Connolly 26th May 2015-05-26

South Park Draft/Master Plan in preparation and to come back before the City Council for approval in September 2015.

Cllr Catherine Connolly said she welcomes the confirmation from City Council that a draft/plan is in the process of being prepared for South Park after a delay of over 7 years.

At last Monday night’s Council Meeting, Management confirmed that following the completion of the draft plan and consultation with all parties including the Claddagh Residents association, the draft/plan will come before the City Council in September for their approval and for the allocation of funding from the budget.

She said the delay in progressing matters since dangerous metals were first discovered there in 2006 has been most unfortunate and indeed the City Council is still awaiting certification from the EPA in relation to South Park given its former role as the municipal refuse area .

In the intervening period she said there have been many false starts including plans to bring in top soil as part of the remediation works which caused great concern to local residents because of the risk of flooding.

At last the plan is in progress and she would appeal to residents and sporting groups alike to avail of the opportunity to put in submissions when the draft/plan goes out to consultation during the Summer Months.

Cllr Connolly said there is a golden opportunity here to upgrade the pitches but also to extend the safe cycling and walking path in a loop around South Park as well  as upgrading both the wall along the cycle path which has fallen into disrepair and the playground.

She said she would also appeal to the younger age group and teenagers to put in submissions as to what facilities they would like to see put into South Park.

Cllr Connolly said her preference would be for a basket ball/tennis courts on the existing hard surface but there are many other options as well.

Finally she said she also welcomed the confirmation that litter bins will be erected in South Park in the coming week and that the budget has already provided funding for lighting to be installed on the walk path.

Cllr Connolly said she will be monitoring the situation closely to ensure there is no further delay in this matter.


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