Water Charges-Protest today (1/10/14) at 5pm at Eyre Square

1st October 2014

Water Charges-Protest today at 5 pm at Eyre Square.

I will be supporting the protest today.


My Opinion:

I believe that the water charges introduced by this government are an additional unfair and unjust tax and that the whole process is simply the first step on the road to privatisation.

In this regard, I do not believe that water is a commodity to be bought and sold. Rather the right to clean water is a basic human right and that right should not be restricted or curtailed or subject to allowances by any government.

Yes of course we must pay for services but we already do that through the payment of taxes.

Furthermore I have repeatedly spoken out against the failure of governments to adequately fund local authorities and in particular Galway City Council. Indeed over the years as a  City  Councillor  I have listened to various Directors of Services repeatedly say that they were not in a position to upgrade Galway’s water services because of inadequate funding. The magic figure of 40 million was continuously thrown out as the sum that would be sufficient to repair our water services. That figure is less than half of what was given to Consultants alone by Irish Water!

Lastly I do not believe that people need penalties, charges or punishment to conserve water.

We the people of Galway showed what was possible with recycling rates that were the best in the country and contrary to all the limited targets set by ‘Consultant Engineers’ on behalf of Management.

What happened as a result  ?

Galway’s  wonderful  refuse service was privatised this year!


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