Motion passed by Galway City Councillors in solidarity with the people of the Aran Islands

Motion passed by Galway  City Councillors  in solidarity with the people of the Aran Islands

See actual motion passed below which is slightly different from the original motion submitted for the meeting but which I was happy enough to change to ensure all Councillors present voted for it with the exception of only one City Councillor.


Motion passed by City Council Meeting on Monday the 14th September 2015.

That in view of the recent written confirmation from the Deputy Chief Executive of the City Council regarding the proposal that Executive Helicopters Limited of Woodford would operate between the Aran Islands and Airport site in Carnmore- that neither Council had been involved in discussion with the said company- that Management confirm again that this is the position and that there has been no change and further that this Council stands with the people of the Aran Islands and calls on the Minister and the Government not to proceed with and/or sign any contract.


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