Outdoor drinking in Galway

Deputy Connolly said the Garda Commissioner was right to highlight the difficult position that Gardaí on the ground have been put in in relation to drinking in public areas. The difficulty has arisen directly from the government’s message that this was to be an outdoor summer. Notwithstanding this message, there was no preparation and or no anticipation of the challenges that this would pose. The bye-laws, which prohibit the consumption of alcohol in public places in Galway, were enacted only after a very long consultation process. A number of issues came to the fore during that consultation process including the impact of uncontrolled drinking on residential areas, and the lackContinue Reading

Motion on Implementation of National Maternity Strategy

On Wednesday 2nd of June, Deputy Catherine Connolly will introduce a private member’s motion in the Dáil calling on the Government to urgently implement the National Maternity Strategy and to ensure that the National Maternity Hospital remains entirely within public ownership.  Deputy Connolly has raised these issues on a number of occasions in the Dáil, highlighting that despite the fact that Ireland’s first ever National Maternity Strategy, “Creating a Better Future Together”, was launched in January 2016, very little progress has been made to-date on implementation. The February 2020 HIQA Overview Report, which was based on inspections of Ireland’s 19 maternity hospitals, highlighted a lack of clarity and leadership withinContinue Reading

Urgent government action needed on Shannon Airport

I, along with a group of Independent TDs from across the West of Ireland, have issued a joint statement calling on Government to ensure connectivity from North America and Heathrow to Shannon Airport, and to implement fully the recommendations of the Aviation Recovery Taskforce in support of economic recovery across the region. We are seeking a meeting with the Taoiseach and the Minister for Transport to impress upon them the urgency of the situation in the aviation sector and its effect across the entire economy. We will also seek to meet Aer Lingus, Ryanair and the Shannon Group to ascertain what Government actions are required to maintain connectivity at ShannonContinue Reading

Clarification needed on when the islands are to reopen

I have received urgent representations from residents of each of the three Aran Islands expressing their concerns at the possibility of the islands opening sooner than mid-August. From the beginning of the outbreak, the government had clearly set out that the islands would not reopen until phase 5 on the 10th of August, 2020. Given the recent changes by the government, however, there is great uncertainty as to whether the 10th of August remains the date. Urgent clarification is needed from the government and from NPHET on when the islands can be safely reopened. I raised this matter with Seán Kyne at the meeting of the Covid committee last week.Continue Reading

Dáil questions partially resume

I welcome the partial reinstatement of Dáil questions which brings back some measure of accountability and oversight of the Government, although questions are limited to those in relation to Covid-19 and its impact. In this regard I have tabled several Dáil questions, among which include payments to student nurses, student accommodation, direct provision and nursing homes. On the issue of student nurses it is imperative that the government clarifies it’s position on the financial package to be offered to those students who were recalled for placement in our hospitals. I have also asked for clarification on the steps being taken to protect the health and well-being of these students inContinue Reading

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