Meeting for ‘PATIENTS FIRST’ Campaign for Safety, Standards and Staffing.

Meeting  tonight Wednesday the 17th September  in the Clayton Hotel at 7.30pm as part of the ‘PATIENTS FIRST’ Campaign for Safety, Standards and Staffing.

I have received an invitation to this meeting and I will be attending.

Background to the meeting.

A combination of groups/ organizations have come together to push this campaign such is their concern about what is happening to and in our public health system.

The organizations include:  Patient Opinion Ireland, Irish Patients’ Association, Irish Medical Organization and the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organization.

The Campaign Aims include:

Budget must protect Health Service and Patient Care

  1. Independent, transparent, free, easily accessible,  feed  back  mechanism that provides all patients,  carers and family members the opportunity to share their health care story and engage with service providers.
  2. Safe staffing based on patient dependency alone.
  3. Legislated requirement to publicly display daily staffing levels vis-a vis patient dependency requirements
  4. Legislated requirement to  publicly  consult  and assess all cost improvement plans.
  5. National long term strategy for Patient Involvement and Engagement across Ireland

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