Reminder to Community in Knocknacarra

Reminder to Community in Knocknacarra of Friday the 5th September Deadline for Submissions.

As you know as a result of pressure from the local community and local Councillors, City Management extended the deadline for community submission re the operation of the new Community Centre at the Cappagh Road to Friday the 5th September at 4pm.

Also at a special meeting of the City Council on Monday the 21st July a motion tabled by myself was unanimously agreed by all Councillors in relation to City Management working with the Community of Knocknacarra so as to ensure we have a Community Centre run by the people for the people and not a run by a private for profit entity.

See Motion and Press Release below


Motion –

That this Council welcomes the extension of time to the 5th September 2014 given by City Management to Community Interest Groups in the Knocknacarra  Area to make submissions  in respect of the operation of the Knocknacarra Community Centre and further that the City Manager and Director of Services work with the community and/or a community representative group  to ensure that the Community Centre is not run by a private for profit entity and that the City Manager meet with and work with the local Councillors  to facilitate this aim and to bring back a full report to the City Council before any decision is made.


Press Release –

Cllr Catherine Connolly 22nd July-Knocknacarra Community Centre-5th September is the Deadline for Community Submissions

Councillor Connolly said she very much welcomes the extension of time given to the local Knocknacarra Community to make submissions re the operation of the new Community Centre.

While welcoming the extension of time at Monday night’s Council meeting Cllr Connolly also tabled a motion which was unanimously agreed that City Management would work with the Community and the local Councillors to ensure that a private for profit entity does not take over the Community Center.

The final deadline she said is now Friday the 5th September at 4pm.

Cllr Connolly said it is very important that community groups put in their submissions in time. The Community Centre she said was only built after a 20 year battle, across 3 local elections, four different sites and 7 City Managers and it is simply not acceptable that it would be given over to a private for profit entity.

It has also taken a battle involving public meetings and urgent representations to City Management to ensure that this public consultation process was commenced, so she is appealing to the Community to make their submissions.




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